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As a final project with General Assembly, we were put into a group of three and assigned to a real client with a real problem to solve. This was the pinnacle of the course and the main reason why I chose this UX bootcamp. To say I was excited is an understatement.

We were to work with Eppik, a photo album digitisation company. Their mission: “to safeguard your family stories for generations to come.”

I would be working with Dana Chahine a wonderfully passionate UX newcomer, and Julia Schwarz who I sought a lot of advice from during the bootcamp…

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Hobby kit mobile app


For the first team design project we were tasked with designing a native application to add a new product to our “client’s” existing offering. The client for this concept product was Ocado, a British online supermarket delivering groceries and home essentials to their customers. In our brief, Ocado wanted to respond to a growing need (due to the Covid 19 lockdown) for home baking with “hobby packs”.

My team was made up of fellow General Assembly students that were chosen at random. We had two weeks to design a solution for our “client” over Zoom and other remote working tools.

Responsive Website


This project for the General Assembly UXDI course was only my second foray into the world of visual design, something I find challenging but so exciting! Visual design is the farthest from my previous experience so I felt like I was out of my depth. Despite this trepidation I couldn’t wait to tackle it.

The project was to rebrand and redesign a website for a Charity we could choose from a list. I connected with The Music Therapy Charity as I love music and felt they have an amazing mission.


The goals I set myself would mimic what I imagined…

E-commerce website


The second project for the General Assembly UX design immersive was to design an e-commerce platform. The first part of the project was done in a team of 4. The team would dissect the brief, write a research plan, and carry out all of the research together. From there each of us would complete the rest of the project individually.


Showcase Welcome Home Hardware’s products, while maintaining their brand image, through a new E-commerce website.

Design Process

  1. Empathise — Client and brief, User Research, Market research, Feature Analysis, SWOT analysis, Card sorting
  2. Define — User Persona, User flow, Sitemap
  3. Ideate — Sketches

Recipe finder app


For the first project of the UX Design Immersive course with General Assembly, I was the sole contributor on a mobile app that needed to address a problem area that our class partner had chosen from a list.


Design and prototype an app to solve my partner’s chosen problem.

Design Process

I followed an iterative design process with 5 clear steps but as I worked I made sure to update my understanding of the problem and solutions I was designing, especially at the build phase.

  1. Empathise — User interview, Experience Map
  2. Define — User Persona, User Storyboard, Problem statement
  3. Ideate — Brainstorming…

Ryan Brakspear

Budding UX designer; making small changes everyday.

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